Food For Health

We will review what to eat for good health.

Have lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Around 2 cups of each is recommended daily. This forms a proportionate amount for total daily calorie need of around 2000 calories. If you do more activities, then eat more of these as well.

Try different varieties of fruits and vegetables such as green leafy, orange, leguminous and even starchy vegetables.

Eat at least 3 ounces of whole grains each day. It will provide necessary nutrient fibers and minerals and vitamins.

Around 3-4 cups of fat-free milk should be consumed every day.

Minimize the fat intake to less than 30% of all calorie needs out of which no more than 10% should come from saturated fats.

Avoid transfats such as chips, wafers and bakery item fat. Instead have olive oil, canola oil and nuts.

Have lean items such as lean meats, chicken, turkey and fish.

Avoid refined foods including white bread, white rice and sugar.

Minimize the salt intake to less than 1 tsp per day.