Vascular Headaches

These are the types of headaches related to blood vessels. Migraine is the most common type of vascular headache.

Fever may also cause these changes in the blood vessels and toxic headaches. Conditions such as measles and pneumonia are known to cause toxic headaches.

Some chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride may also lead to these type of headaches.

Another common reason for vascular headaches is clusters. This consists of repeated incidence of very severe headaches that usually start behind either eye.

Nitrites used in processed meats including items such as hot dogs may result in headaches by dilating the blood vessels. Similar effect may also be seen after taking nitrate medicines for heart disease.

MSG may also cause headache. This is present in items such as soy sauce, meat tenderizer and many packaged foods.

Lead exposure may cause headaches such as those from lead paint and batteries. Some cheap pottery may also contain significant amount of lead.

Many drugs such as amphetamines may also cause headache. Some solvents such as benzene are found in adhesives, ink and turpentine. This is a frequent cause of headaches among industrial workers and artists.

Long lasting high blood pressure may also headache. Other causes that may transiently increase the blood pressure such excitement, heavy exercise and anger may also cause these vascular headaches.